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 Definition A metatarsal fracture is a break of one of the long thin bones of the foot.   5th Metatarsal Fracture Xray
Details Your foot has five metatarsals. Metatarsal fractures range from very minor to severe injuries. It depends on the pattern of injury and the amount of displacement of the fracture. At times, these fractures can occur in an area of the foot with poor blood flow. This makes fracture healing more difficult. A "Jones Fracture" is an example of one such fracture. Often, this particular fracture requires surgery.
Causes Most metatarsal fractures are caused by twisting or direct impact (like dropping a heavy object on your foot). Metatarsal fractures can be missed sometimes because the symptoms can be similar to an ankle sprain.
Diagnosis A metatarsal fractures is diagnosed by a history of an injury to the foot followed by pain and swelling. X-rays help to confirm the fracture. Rarely, a CT scan or MRI is needed to rule out other injuries.
Treatment Immediate Treatment: Elevate and ice foot. Use crutches.

Most metatarsal fractures can be treated with a stiff soled shoe or a walking cast. More severe fractures may require a non-weight bearing cast for several weeks.

Operative: Surgery may be required for metatarsal fractures that occur in an area of the foot with poor blood supply or in cases where the bones are significantly out of place.

Surgical treatment of a 5th Metatarsal Fracture

Surgical treatment of metatarsal fracture/dislocation with screws (Lisfranc Fracture)
Prevention Excellent balance, coordination and strength of the foot and ankle may help prevent some metatarsal fractures.

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